MASTER MTA: Anterior and Posterior Endo Treatment & Retreatment


The course is international, all doctors from all over the world are invited

  • Dentists
  • Endodontic and Restorative Specialist
  • General Pratictioner
  • Expert Dentists
  • Dental assistants

A complicated situation in Endodontics happens when the Endodontist has to shape and clean difficult anatomies. During retreatments the difficulties are also the management of blocks, broken files, ledges, transportations, open apices, and perforations. To move beyond all this situations there are specific techniques in order to make it simple and predictable.

All this topics will be explained during the first part of the lecture.
The second part of the lecture will be dedicated to MTA, that has been proposed clinically as the material of choice for apical plug, pulp capping, apical barrier formation for teeth with necrotic pulps and open apexes, perforation repair, apexification and retro root filling during surgery. Many clinical investigations have been performed evaluating MTA for each one of the above mentioned applications but does really exist a repeatable method for MTA application?
Which sequence, device and protocol are suggested?
During this lecture will be described different clinical techniques about correct use of MTA for repair of iatrogenic errors and step by step will be shown also the tips suggested by the speaker for a feasible and repeatable approach.

The course is dedicated to all dentists who want to keep in touch with the new adhesive techniques and the new materials offered by the dental market to achieve predictable and high quality results with correct treatment times at the chair.

All the partecipants, through the full immersion direct contact with the speakers and through the analysis of several step-by-step clinical cases will point out that correct workflows with less tooth structure sacrifice could lead to successful esthetic and long-term outcomes.


At the end of the training the participants will have understood:
• How to make a strategic decision before starting with a retreatment
• How to avoid iatrogenic errors
• How to save compromised teeth in a predictable way
• How to make an apical surgery in 5 steps



It suggests to bring the eye loups.


When Riccardo (Dr Riccardo Tonini) told me that I should pack not only my endodontic knowledge but also my sunscreen and my beloved fishing rod … I accepted immediately!”


by: Monaldo Saracinelli

"Do together my passion..."

When DEM contacted me I thought “Wow, now I can do my passion together… do Endo and Surf the waves”

by: Riccardo Tonini